"A compilation of songs, recorded live, in living rooms and other places"

Guitar, Dobro & vocals: Anton Walgrave
Guitar & Backings: Jelle Van den Bergh

Mixed by Jimmy Van Rietvelde @ Studio Sugarbeat
Mastered by Uwe Teichert @ Elektropolis
Artwork by Gertjan Verheyden
Photos by Kurt Jacobs

Released by Sugarbeat

things change,
moments of worry become moments of growth.
moments of growth become moments of pride.
moments of pride become moments of joy.
moments of joy become moments of laughter.
moments of laughter break into moments of tears.
moments of tears become moments of silence.
moments of silence turn into noise.
noise becomes beauty.
beauty becomes pain.
pain disappears.
disappearance creates need.
need creates action.
action becomes movement.
movement becomes sound.
sound becomes music.
little waves in one wave.
as we are

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